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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  April 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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he did his best. baseball is the rich tradition. his son gw was managing general partner for the texas rangers. god love him. spirit never goes. sometimes the strength does but not the spirit. melissa: that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> the republican national committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. i can tell you that. they should be ashamed of themselves. deirdre: donald trump -- >> we're seeing this pattern over and over and over again. in donald trump's campaign. put out publicly his supporters, the phone number of the state chairman. he received over 3,000 calls and death threats. donald needs to understand he is not michael corleone. deirdre: donald trump and senator cruz sparring over the system that awards dell pats. senator cruz may add on, he is
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speaking right now at a rally in erie, pennsylvania. you see him on your screen. he has not addressed donald trump or the competition or the delegates yet but we will bring you there if he does. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. we'll get you back to the keystone state shortly. meantime give us all a break. that is a message from the gop chairman in reference to donald trump's criticism of a rigged primary. so it is more important than ever for donald trump to clinch the nomination by winning a majority of delegates. new report shows that senator cruz is likely to block trump on a second ballot at the gop convention in july. with more on the race for the nomination, with moves behind the scenes we take you to pennsylvania. peter barnes is there. so peter, what is the latest? reporter: deirdre, senator cruz is speaking to an overflow crowd here at an amusement park on lake erie in erie county,
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pennsylvania. he has not brought up controversy over the delegate election process. he probably will later in the speech and get you that as soon as we get it but right now he is sticking to his standard jump speech, talking about jobs, freedom and security. now just started on the security part. talking about the u.s. military, promising to to build it up further to help defeat isis. in his view, make the u.s. stronger globally around the world. deirdre. deirdre: peter barnes, thank you very much. you see him in the room with senator ted cruz as he speaks at that rally in erie, pennsylvania. we'll monitor that for you of course. state of play in the nomination is fraught, chairman of the colorado republican party, receiving 50 to 60 calls an hour, emails, text messages,
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online death threats from angry donald trump supporters or people upset with the system in general. now on the other side, anti-trump conservatives such as erick erickson hinting supporting a third party candidate, with this as backdrop we bring in cruz campaign national spokesperson ron nehring. glad you're here. your job is to stay focused, help senator cruz to stay focused. for the next 10 days what markers of success do you want to see in the campaign? >> we're moving through the campaign all the way through the june 7th primaries. we had a terrific day-long series of events in california. sold out crowds in irvine and san diego county. then on to new york and to pennsylvania. we're at bottom of the fifth inning in this game. it has four inns to go roughly. we have new york and northeastern primary on 26th of april.
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month of may, one election a month in month of may. one week there is two. we go on to the grand finale in the state of california where we've been organizing since last august. it was terrific to see our california events sell out within just a few hours of invitations going out online, showing depth of support we have in the biggest state of the country which will have the single biggest voice at the national convention. deirdre: ron, do you expect california to make up for what many people anticipate will be losses for senator cruz in the northeast? certainly in the state of new york donald trump should do well in his home state. he has home field advantage. there are chances to pick up delegates. pens vine is important state with opportunity for us and then as we move through the month of may, we have states like indiana, nebraska, oregon, washington, where senator cruz will do very, very well. of course we have been building
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out a 50-state campaign from the very beginning anticipating it could come down to the end for the first time in a long time. all of us who are californians are very excited to see that ultimately at end of the day donald trump will not get to 1237 delegates. he will not win this race outright. he knows that. that is why he continues to say these weirder and weirder things. deirdre: ron, i have to stop you there because there is someone from the rnc who actually did an interview, it wasn't with us, but i'm going to play the clip and get your reaction. here it. >> sure. >> if donald trump exceeds 1100 votes he will many about the nominee, even though he may not have 1237. deirdre: so, sum total, translation, well, 11 delegates is good enough. and that is from an rnc person. -- 1100. >> the rules are the rules. the rules state only winning majority of the delegates at the convention can you become the republican nominee. that is the rule since the beginning. it's a rule for a very good reason.
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those rules have been september we're waging our campaign in accordance with what the rules are. at the end of the day we need a nominee who earns support of majority of delegates democratically elected at convention in cleveland. deirdre: ron, again, your big task here is focus and strategy and i mean the rules have been changed before. i mean we saw in the last election, for example, dr. ron paul, basically the rules were written around him so he couldn't be a nominee. do you ever worry something will be rewritten to disfavor senator cruz? >> well, at the end of the day the rules committee of the convention will draft a set of rules which will go before the full convention but the way we ensure that no games are played is by winning states and winning delegates along the way. that is where senator cruz's strong message is resonating. we have won four states in a row here now. we've won in utah, we won in north dakota, colorado, and wisconsin. decisively by the way, which
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despite donald trump's claims to the 24 hours before he would win. that is the way the convention delegation is shaped. ultimately the rules committee and all bodies of convention will reflect the will of the republicans who vote in the rye primaries. that is where we're keeping the focus. deirdre: let me ask you this because former presidential candidate mike huckabee made a comment saying that senator cruz shouldn't feel so secure. here is his comment. >> let me be very clear. if ted cruz thinks he really is is the darling of the establishment and maybe he is right now, but if he really believes that all those folks in washington who never have liked him suddenly have started loving him, i think he may be very disappointed, when he gets to the convention and all those delegates. some will stick with him because they're cruz delegates but there will be others who say, nope don't want either one of those guys. then i think it becomes a free-for-all. deirdre: so, ron, a free-for-all is a pretty loose concept.
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>> well, senator cruz's success on campaign so far has never been dependent on the endorsement of the people in the 202 area code. we came out of california monday, 50, state and local elected officials and unbelievable number of party activists incomized by senator cruz coming into the campaign. that is ultimately where the campaign will be decided. deirdre: all right, ron nehring, thank you so much as always for the time. >> my pleasure. deirdre: cruz campaign national spokesperson with me there. speaking of the rules, donald trump says the rnc is overseeing a rigged system. >> the republican national committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. i can tell you that they should be ashamed of themselves. deirdre: my next guest is a member of rnc rules committee. he will be joining me to explain how the rules are made. stay with us.
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deirdre: senator cruz is there at a rally in erie, pennsylvania. we're going to listen in. >> is the 65 to 70% of republicans, who recognize that donald trump is not the best candidate to go head-to-head with hillary clinton. that if we nominate donald, hillary wins and she wins by double digits. poll after poll after poll, shows donald losing anywhere by 11 points to 18 points. you want to know how bad it is? a few weeks ago, the state of utah, a general election poll showed hillary clinton beating donald trump in utah.
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now utah is brightest red conservative state in the country. if a republican can't carry utah, we are looking at a walter mondale level bloodbath nationwide. that means we lose the senate, we may lose the house. we lose the supreme court for a generation. hillary clinton is president. [booing] buries us in trillions of debt and keeps the same economic stagnation that the people of erie are sufficienting right now. [inaudible] it is interesting, hillary is looking to move into six teen hundred pennsylvania avenue -- 1600 pennsylvania avenue. i have different government housing in mind for her. [applause] deirdre: okay. so that is senator ted cruz speaking there in erie, pennsylvania, saying essentially that if donald trump is the nominee, that almost
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guaranties hillary clinton a victory. well he also commented on trump whining about colorado. donald trump as you know blaming the rnc after the colorado caucus full take went to senator cruz. >> the rnc, the republican national committee, they should be ashame of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen, i can tell you that. they should be ashamed of themselves. [cheering] because it has nothing to do with democracy. they took the votes away from the people in colorado. people are burning up their republican cards because they want to vote. and you got to see what's happening out there. it is actually a thing of beauty, if you want to know the truth. deirdre: former republican presidential candidate mike huckabee told us yesterday if the rnc changes the rules, it is bad for the party. >> if you're a voter, and you go out there, you stand in a long
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line, and you vote for donald trump, and then somebody at the party says, well, we know what the votes were but we figured out how the rules are going to make it so that we'll give those delegates to somebody else. then, what you're doing is destroying the credibility of the process and that's why the republicans need to be very careful. deirdre: my next guest says donald trump could secure the republican nomination even if he does not get to the official number of 1237 delegates that he needs for a clear position. rnc rules committee member randy evans is with me now. randy thank you for the time. >> thank you. deirdre: you say trump only needs 11 votes to get the nomination. however rnc spokesperson michael short tweeted this out, you need 1237 period, no ifs ands or buts. is the rules committee members in agreement with one another? >> yes we are. what i said this morning was that the rule is that you have
5:16 pm
to get 1237, 1237, no question about it. i did say if donald trump got to 1100, here we call it spitting distance of 1237 i thought he would cobble together the other 137 delegates he needs. there will be 150 to 200 unbound delegates available. i would be shocked if someone get to 1100 and not get the nomination. i then said on the other hand, if nobody gets to 1,000 delegates, neither trump nor cruz, i think we would see a free-for-all. we'll see a complete free-for-all on the convention floor. the real brokering will come -- deirdre: real brokering women come in cleveland i assume? >> the real brokering will come if trump gets past 1000, but not to 1100. i don't think there are enough unbound delegates getting to 1237. i would say you get deals cut. you could see a trump kasich
5:17 pm
deal, or cruz rubio deal, they could put together a ticket to put enough delegates to get to 1237. that is the interesting part. normally we have vice-presidential vetting two weeks before the convention starts. here we may not even know who are nominee is. that vetting will probably be going on behind closed doors to figure out which other candidate can differ unbound delegates to get one candidate or the other over the line of 1237. deirdre: well, randy, i'm glad you're here. i'm glad you're willing to go you there the system because there are a lot of people feel like it is smoke and mirrors. that there are things being brokered. you heard the outrage from colorado you saw, i'm sure that you had some members who are registered in the republican party actually burning their cards saying that they feel like they're not represented. we know in the past dr. ron paul denied being on the ticket. the rules were changed. there is this gentleman here from colorado. we're showing, this randy burning his registration paper saying that he is just disgusted
5:18 pm
by the party. so, what do you say to those ideas, i have to say, many people share? >> well, i say the rules are archaic. we tried to go a long way this past year to correcting some of those. we undid a lot of rules that were designed or aimed at congressman paul. but the rules are archaic. what it really does tell you, some candidates are much better prepared at dealing with the arcane nuances of the rules than other candidates. and those candidates tend to do better. i would have hoped that -- deirdre: randy in some ways that makes us feel like the candidates have to do a whole separate job maybe is fine, but have to jump through fiery hoops and read the fine print. that is not really about the issues right? that is just about pleasing the system which is okay if that is how it is but to a lot of people it doesn't seem fair. >> trust me, i was senior advisor to the gingrich campaign. when we weren't on the virginia
5:19 pm
ballot it hurt and hurt bad. i did learn a valuable lesson, part of this process, part of the reason it is not for neophytes, you have to really know how the system works. you have to have the talent to bring to bear in order to make sure those rules get complied with because the penalties are very severe. deirdre: randy, are you saying it is somewhat of an acid test in the way of a candidate's organizational abilities and that is important to show whether he or she have leadership capabilities? >> that is fay wear of putting it which each part of this process is designed to do something different. why do we go to iowa? the reason we go to iowa so candidates actually meet voters face-to-face. why do we have primaries? so voters can vote by state. why do we have regional primaries? so we see how candidates do on regional basis. why do we have many national primaries? so we can see how they do on national level. why do we have arcane rules about conventions and caucuses?
5:20 pm
so make sure they understand all the nuances of rules to get to the final vote. but at the end of the day 1237 people have to vote for you when the first ballot comes through or eventually on a subsequent ballot if you don't win it on first ballot. deirdre: rand day, thanks for talking to us. >> appreciate it. deirdre: randy evans, member of rnc rules committee. the old saying goes there is no free lunch. hillary clinton admitting that her tax hike will cost more than one trillion dollars to taxpayers over a decade. we have her plans, her latest target list includes businesses, upper middle class and the rich. imf is warning socialist country of venz friends is projected to increase -- venezuela to increase. inflation over 500% this year. former reagan economist art laffer says this is preview of any socialist system including a potential sanders presidency.
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>> for the kind of investments i want to make with the taxes that i think have to be raised, paid family leave, for example. for debt-free tuition. so i would spend about, you know, $100 billion a year. and i think it is affordable. >> 100 billion a year. that comes out to trillion dollars over 10. >> over 10, right. deirdre: democratic candidate hillary clinton admitting to the daily news editorial board that her tax proposal will increase taxes by a lot. so you just heard in that interview. the plan is to tax the american people by at least one trillion dollars over the next 10 years. most of that comes from the upper middle class and the rich. also businesses. she plans to raise taxes by implementing the "buffett rule." that means anyone making over a million dollars a year will face at least a 30% tax rate.
5:25 pm
increases to stop state tax rate, 45%. eliminating certain deductions. 4% is surtax on incomes over five million. former reagan economic advisor, art laffer with me now. tax policy center, non-partisan think tank saying this plan would essentially reduce incentives to work, save and invest. do you agree? >> yes of course, it would, and it wouldn't raise the money see plans. what she will fine is exactly what happens, deirdre, whenever you raise tax rates on rich, they pay less in taxes, not more and economy goes to the floor. and that is exactly what will happen with hillary clinton's plan if she tried to do it. and it makes no sense whatsoever. it is even worse than obama if you can believe it. that is hard, that is hard to do. deirdre: i was just going to say, many people are laughing, art, but it's a point worth making. also this idea of debt-free tuition being worthy societal goal.
5:26 pm
i personally feel bad for kids graduating with tons of debt. it is hard to find jobs but the question is that society's problem to fix. >> no. of course not. these kids go to school. whatever they do at school should get skills that get them jobs if they want them. a lot of people don't go to work afterwards. that is fine. no reason why you should pay for them going to college so they won't use that for a job. make sure you don't want them going into professions that don't have economic results afterwards. you know, college is a business. and it ice business for the customers and for the universities. and no one should have to pay for someone else's college. it should pay for itself with future earnings. and that is not what is happening in our country, it is just not. deirdre: we recently covered this, something like 40% of the graduates are actually just not paying back their debt, which is the largest amount of debt in this country, aside from mortgage debt. >> it is huge. isn't it silly? deirdre: i want to ask you about
5:27 pm
a linked idea, art, if you don't mind because the imf is issuing a warning about the socialist country of venezuela. the organization projecting inflation, starting at 481% this year and more than 1500% in 2017. unemployment 17 percent this year. 21% next year. contextual point we have only was the great depression in the 30s, as high as 25%. are there cautionary tales? venezuela is extreme example but there is a socialist mentality being embraced by at least one candidate in this race? >> this is christmas future for that one. if we decide to follow the venezuelan models, we, with bernie sanders or hillary light, hillary is not much better, if we decide to do that we'll end up as venezuela, believe me when i tell you that. we've had a horrible economy for
5:28 pm
15 years because of w and obama. now we want to double down and do it twice as much? i don't think so. it will turn out to be venezuela. and that is not what americans want. but people deserve the governments they get and they vote for, deirdre. frankly if people want bernie sanders, god bless them, i'll be fine. deirdre: yeah. but it's scary from economic perspective. and then i think we would all be fools to think there would not be huge social unrest in venezuela and the same risk here. art laffer, thank you very much. >> there always is. you know but the social unrest comes from very people who will bear the consequences of these awful policies. deirdre: point well-made indeed. >> students and inner cities. thank you, deirdre. deirdre: good to see you, art laffer with us there. we want to show you a live shot of the cia head quarters in langley, virginia. president obama is meeting with his national security council reviewing our efforts to fight isis. the president is expected to
5:29 pm
deliver a statement after that meeting. we will bring you there as he does. retired four-star general jack keane will be with me as well. president obama speaking of deciding whether or not to declassify 28 pages of sealed documents, some of which may show a saudi connection to the 9/11 attacks. more on what these papers could unveil. :once claimed that isis used -- hillary clinton once claimed isis used tactics in their video but they are targeting one of her top aides. we'll tell you who it is. russian jet in a simulated attack profile. general jack keane with his thoughts. >> right turn over the bow.longo [airplane engine noise] in my asthma treatment with breo.
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. deirdre: hillary clinton once claimed that isis used donald trump's comments in recruitment videos, but today, a new isis hit list has been released and on it, moderate muslims, including close aide to hillary clinton, huma abedin. retired four-star general jack keane is with me now. so general, isis sees no difference, right, in any party in the u.s. it just wants to destroy what we've built? >> yeah, what isis clearly
5:34 pm
wants, they have a very strategic vision, that is they want to occupy all muslim lands and dominate the lands and then want to expand that caliphate to the world at large, and certainly we've had other ideologies that have been every bit as ambitious and every single one of them has failed as i expect this one to fail particularly when we get a strategy together to deal with it properly. deirdre: do you have hope that is what is happening right now. we just showed our viewers shortly ago this shot in langley, virginia, the president will be making a comment at any moment. do you have hope she taking advice from the right people? >> well, i think he's had very good people providing him advice right from the beginning, dealing with isis. certainly i'm familiar with the advisers he has in the pentagon, they're very capable, and those who have been helping prosecute this war, the challenges, he hasn't been listening to it. he has a new chairman in dunford, who i believe is able
5:35 pm
to get as much of the resources that are required out of the constraints that the president has imposed. president has imposed significant constraints on its military, it's taking so long and we make incremental increases in resources as opposed to overall strategy to defeat isis. we're not going to defeat them until we take the safe haven away from them in syria. there are no plans to do that. deirdre: general, i want to shift gears, if you don't mind, it is still under the terrorism theme, but the president is expected to make a decision whether or not to declassify 28 pages of sealed documents, about 9/11. he is going to make this decision within the next 60 days. last night on the kelly file, former senator bob graham said american people deserve to see these documents.
5:36 pm
>> not only disrespectful to the american people, actually increases our vulnerability because it allows the saudis to continue feeling that there's no sanction against them to fund terrorist activities and to train the next generation of terrorists in mosque and madrassas, schools that are financed by saudi arabia. deirdre: last year, general, as you know, a convicted al qaeda insider testified and essentially implicated high-level saudi royals saying quote, i remember many of them because some of them were known within the circle of the mujahedeen, some extremely famous and names -- our viewers can read along with me, there is a long list of people, and he's talking about specific princes who gave two or three million dollars in theory to the cause.
5:37 pm
now the 9/11 commission denied the saudi connection saying there is no evidence that the saudi government as an institution or senior saudi officials funded even unintentional al qaeda. general, what is your take? >> frankly, if there was something as sensational as what you put on the screen in the 28 pages, they would have leaked by now after 15 years. i think what we have in those pages certainly are something we have known for all of these 15 years, and that is that there are wealthy saudis who have funded different radical islamic groups to include the al qaeda. that pattern has been established. whether it is actually evidence in these 28 pages where something could be done about these particular individuals and they could be brought to criminal justice system at our urgent in saudi arabia is another matter. i suspect, also cynical why, is this coming up now as a result
5:38 pm
-- >> that's a good question. >> the u.s.-saadi meetings taking place. nothing in washington happens by accident. the relationships are at an all-time low because of the middle east -- policies in the middle east. i suspect something is going on to affect this relationship and give the united states leverage. there is a larger are going on here than we're privy to, to be frank about it. and the senators and congressmen have seen the 28 pages and are calling for it to be released, they certainly know what the content is, and they know that it's not a bombshell, likely, but there is something there, sure. deirdre: general, come back. love to talk about it, especially if the decision is made to release the papers. four-star general jack keane with me there.
5:39 pm
we want to show you a live shot of the cia headquarters in langley, virginia, president obama meeting with the national security council, the president is expected to deliver a statement after the meeting. so we'll bring you there as soon as he starts speaking. when we come back, amy schumer might be best defense isis? u2 front man bono tells congress the best weapon against terrorism could be laughter. mark zuckerberg is going after donald trump over his plans to build a wall. border sheriff and trump supporter joe arpaio what he co-founder's idea. >> and who's going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> who's going to pay for the sfwhaul. >> mexico. >> who's going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done?
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>> i hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others. instead of building walls, we can help people build bridges. deirdre: facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg warning americans about isolation. he didn't name anybody specifically. many took his comments as a dig against donald trump who has spoken about building a wall along the u.s.-mexican border. maricopa county sheriff and trump supporter sheriff joe arpaio is with me now. welcome back. >> thanks. >> zuckerberg has been an advocate for immigration reform for years, he's talking about an h1-b visa which is a different applicant than what most people see along the border of u.s. and mexico. >> we still have the illegal immigration problem. don't forget we have a drug problem, all the drugs coming into our country. most of it comes from mexico. so that wall is not just to
5:44 pm
stop illegal immigration, it is to stop the drugs from coming into the country. i hope he agrees with that issue. deirdre: it's a theory from california and not necessarily where you are. >> i don't know what his theory is. this is an international-national problem, it affects california. you know he's a successful businessman. i would hope that the mexican government does not build that wall, maybe he can donate money to mexico to get it done or maybe we should take away the money from mexico. so he can be successful, he's a successful businessman. both of them are. donald trump and him. so join forces and get the job done. deirdre: right. i want to ask you, sheriff, about something going on the other side of the aisle. democratic front-runner hillary clinton pushing on the immigration front to create a new national office of
5:45 pm
immigrant affairs. to coordinate new immigration policies and programs with federal agencies, state and local governments. when you hear, sheriff, of a layer being added, what is your thought? >> you know, after 30 years as a top federal official, including director in mexico, south america, turkey, you name it, texas, i have lived through the bureaucracy, every time there's a problem they want to form a new agency to make it look like they're doing something. i don't like her remarks that she will coordinate or work with the state and local. you know how that works. if you don't do what they want, they take your money away from you. no. i don't agree with that. another bureaucratic, political situation she's harping on to get points. it's a disaster. another federal agency. we ought to cut out half of them. deirdre: we know, sheriff, the people there in your neck of
5:46 pm
the woods respect the job that you're doing with the resources that you have. maricopa county sheriff, trump supporter, joe arpaio. thank you, sheriff, glad you are here. deirdre: thank you. we are watching cia headquarters in langley, virginia. president obama meeting with national security council, in efforts to fight isis. we will bring you there as soon as the president starts speaking. shrimp on a treadmill alert, citizens against government waste releasing pig book. spoiler alert, a lot of waste. we have a list of the worst offenders. amy schumer potentially our best defense against isis. u2 front man bono telling congress that laughter may defeat terrorism. dr. sebastian wrote a book on back. [laughter] you both have a
5:47 pm
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. >> you speak violence, you speak their language, but you laugh at them, when their goose stepping down the street, and it takes away their power. so i'm suggesting that the senate send in amy schumer and chris rock and sacha baron cohen, thank you. deirdre: rock star activist bono before a senate committee saying we should fight terrorism with comedy. terror analyst and author of defeating jihad, the winnable war. dr. sebastian gorka is with me now. great to see you. >> great to be here. deirdre: i'm assuming he was making a joke at end. that being said, is there any way from a pr standpoint to ridicule the enemy and take the wind out of their sales or just foolishness? >> ridicule can be powerful in
5:51 pm
undermining their message, but to take this seriously that we're going to crack jokes and suddenly they'll surrender? i know there's a bit of levity at the end of the testimony. let's just remember, people are being decapitated and crucified right now. deirdre: nothing funny about it. right. >> yeah. deirdre: in essence, when you think about controlling, managing, shutting down the pr outreach, because unfortunately, isis is very good at it, they have proven to be effective through social media, through the videos. >> right. deirdre: what would you say? what's the best plan of attack? >> you can only defeat a bad idea with a better idea. laughing at it isn't enough. what did we do during the cold war? we had a totalitarian regime, today we have a totalitarian ideology but it's called jihadism, you get purpose and meaning by being a warrior for god, by being part of the new caliphate of isis. we have to destroy that or rather help our muslim allies in the region like the
5:52 pm
egyptians, like the jordanians, destroy that version of islam. so it's not funny and ha-ha that's going to make them surrender, it's taking down their brand of jihad. deirdre: and taking away part of the cause, perhaps. i listened to an interview with a belgian dad of two of the brothers involved, one in paris, one in brussels. as a dad he's crying saying i don't know, we consider ourselves european for 40 years, i have no idea how this happened. these are not my children. the outreach is powerful. >> absolutely, the parents of jihadis are a very powerful weapon to say look, this isn't what i had children for, not why i came here, the kids recruited from america, from europe whose parents say this is not why we raised our children, that could be a powerful message much more than humor. deirdre: have you this book out called the winnable war. >> right. deirdre: most important conclusion in it? >> we're losing the war in the last 15 years we can win if we
5:53 pm
take lessons from the cold war and america is the only nation that can defeat against the jihadists. deirdre: dr. sebastian gorka with me now. hillary clinton playing the blame game over what critics are playing racist. hear what she had to say. anything worth pursuing hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. and intellectual propertylines about bubeing stolen.g hacked that is cyber-crime. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud
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call one reverse mortgage right now to get the details, find out if you qualify and get your free information kit. deirdre: president obama met with the national security council to review the efforts to fight isis. the term cp time playing to a stereotype that african-americans arrive late to an event.
5:57 pm
hillary clinton is laying the blame on deglassio's staff. the mayor says hillary clinton was in on it. >> thanks for the endorsement, bill. it took you long enough. >> sorry, hillary. i was running on cp time. >> i don't like jokes like that, billy. >> cautious politician time. deirdre: my next guest says if a republican had done that the media what would jump all over it. what was worse, that it was
5:58 pm
prewritten and somehow coordinated and they are facing pushback. >> typical of a clinton not to take responsibilities for their actions. it kill me how we have credits calling this racism. in 2011, then senator barack obama made a similar joke. he was late for an event and he said those of you questioning whether or not black or not, i'm a little late and i apologize. you have people going who are critical of hillary and deblasio. hillary made the same joke earlier and nobody had any problem with it. deirdre: there is a young lady who has been infamous for about a year. former leader rachel doshell pretending to be african-american. she identifies as black.
5:59 pm
in a recent interview saying she has few regrets about her experience. >> do you feel now that you have any he gets about some of the things you said about yourself that have been revealed to not be true? >> i'm not sure what you are referring to with that. but definitely i don't have any regrets about how i identify. i'm still me and nothing about that has changed. i wish i could have owned -- given myself permission to name the "b" in me earlier in life. it took me almost 30 years to get there. it's a complex issue. how do you sum up a whole life of coming into who you are in a sound bite. deirdre: saying she doesn't believe in a world with separate races. >> more twisted tv reality.
6:00 pm
the sad part is she lied and she could probably gain from her lies. deirdre: her 15 minutes of fame getting longer. charles payne is here. collacharles: stocks broke out a major level. is the train finally leaving the station? protesters in pittsburgh starting to gather for donald trump's rally. isis releasing its latest hit list. huma abedin is targeted and we'll await comments from barack obama on the matter.


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